Good friends are a treasure.

You know you have a good friend when you call them (earlier in the morning then you would call other people) and ask for a big favor.  “Do you think you could go to the airport at midnight to pick up a dog for me?” And they reply, “That’s not a big favor.”

Let me explain a bit of back story to this “favor”.

Most of you know I live a couple hours from Spokane. In the winter that drive  becomes longer because of weather/road conditions and also the ferry. The ferry, you ask? Yes. We live on the Columbia River and the fastest way to the airport for me is to cross the river on the ferry and take the river road south to civilization and the airport. Well, the ferry hours change during the winter. If I can’t utilize the ferry, then I drive north around to the main “highway” and down to the airport, thus adding on at least 45 minutes. Of course winter driving conditions either way will add on more time.

This new male Poodle I’m in the process of getting is scheduled to come in December 23rd. And the only flight that worked was the one that has him arriving just before midnight. Of course the cargo office has long since closed by that time so the dog would need to be picked up at the luggage area.

The last ferry on my side (during winter hours) goes at 8:30pm. If I take that ferry, then I’ll need to leave my house around 8:15. Now that would get me to the airport by about 10:30, which means I’d have to sit and wait for an hour and a half. Or I can leave a bit later and the take other route. Either way my drive would start later in the evening.

After picking the little guy up, I would need to return home the alternate route, which would get me home about 3 am, weather permitting.

Now, driving at night is not my favorite activity and if it’s snowing, that’s a double whammy bad thing.

My friend, the one who agreed to make my life easier, lives 20 minutes from the airport! So because of her generous heart, I can drive down in the morning and pick my little guy up at her house. 🙂


She’s the beauty in the middle. And the other gorgeous gal is another good “dog” friend. Ahhh…what would we do without good friends?!

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