Puppies Update

Our last little puppy, Charlotte has been matched with her forever family! That means we have no more puppies available at this time.

We are keeping some for ourselves (of course) 😉 and will be growing these kiddos out here at our place. As they grow and mature, we will narrow down our choices of who may or may not be staying on here for our program. So check back! We may have a puppy or two available later.

Decisions, decisions….

At this point the puppies we will be keeping are:





treasure5wk blessing5wk

Treasure or Blessing! (I haven’t made up my mind yet. My friend will be taking whichever one I don’t choose).


Bounty! (I really don’t need another male, as I have Bounty’s dad and his “cousin”). But he is such a nicely put together puppy that I just can’t stand to let him go yet. Time will tell. 🙂

Thanks to all that have showed interest in our Cavalier babies! And a special thank you to those that have opened their hearts and homes to one (or two)!

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