Jules’ puppies visit the vet

I headed out on my way to the vet yesterday with this view. So grateful to live where we do!


The puppies were great traveling the long, windy road! When we arrived at the vet an hour and a half later (no, it doesn’t usually take that long, but we had snowy roads to deal with), I set the litter box on the floor of the truck and let each pup out to go potty.


Such good babies!

Then it was inside to meet Dr. Jess 🙂 She weighed each puppy, examined them, listened to their hearts, took their temperature and administered the puppy vaccination. Everybody looked great!



Waiting for brother to get done with his exam.

Then Dr. Jess filled out a puppy record for each one to take home. Blue for boys, pink for girls.


All done!

Now it’s time to get puppy packets, crate (for those flying) and everything ready for Friday’s departure.

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