I’m afraid we have to wait a bit longer…

Well, I don’t think Allie is pregnant. I’m disappointed, as I was so hoping she would be.

Normally, after a female dog is breed, the abdomen can be palpated around day 28 to confirm the pregnancy. The pups will feel like little walnut-sized enlargements. Although sometimes you will have a female that tenses up and it’s hard to feel anything! I’ve been in dogs long enough that I usually have a pretty good feel for this (with the cooperative ones, at least). If we have a female that is hard to palpate, then we have to wait and check for any other telltale pregnancy signs that will develop if she is pregnant.

I checked Allie around day 28, then waited a few days and checked again. I didn’t feel anything. Granted I could have missed something. So we will wait and see is anything changes, but at this point, I would say she’s not.

I feel bad for those on our Cavapoo waiting list. But unfortunately, that’s the way dog breeding goes. The girls don’t always cooperate with “our” plans. Trust me though, it will be worth the wait when you finally get your puppy. 🙂

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