Getting ready!

Today was a busy day! I can’t believe how fast these weeks have gone by and the last of the pups are really leaving tomorrow. My house is going to be quite different.

I donned my adorable grooming smock! (A gift from my sister-in-law).


Then it was bath time for nine puppies!





Then drying (nap) time by the wood stove.



There were puppy packets to finish. Thankfully, I had already made the baby blankets and had mostly assembled the puppy packets. So it was just finishing the last details and making sure everything was in each one.

Since I’m using ‘used’ crates (to save money), those needed to be cleaned and prepared (absorbent material in the bottom and food/water dishes installed). Then to strap on the puppy packets to each one. Bingley will go in one and Jane and Collins go in the bigger one, since they got adopted together. Everybody else will be meeting me to pick up their babies.


Looks like we’re all set! Now for some sleep. First puppy has to be at the airport around 8:30 tomorrow morning.

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