The search may be over.

I’ve still been searching, hoping to find some more quality Poodles to add to the Pinewood family. Some days I think I’ve found one, then something doesn’t work out for some reason.

Like the other day. I spotted this beautiful parti female from health tested parents, potentially the right size at maturity, nice temperament (from the breeder’s description) and related to a previous Poodle I had (that I really liked) but, the dog’s bite was off just a hair. Now, sometimes bites will go off a bit and straighten out, but when you’re spending a chunk of change and want the most perfect specimen for reproducing, you just don’t want to gamble that that bite will straighten out.

And then there was the pup that the breeder wanted X amount of dollars for, but when I asked about full breeding rights, she wanted to tack on another $500 and then the shipping was $400. And the dog  was only flying in from Colorado! Then when I asked if she health tested her adults she said, “No”. And said to me, “Ask me why I don’t health test”. So I did. Her answer was something about never having any issues with her dogs. I’m sorry, but if I’m spending close to $2000 on a puppy, it’s coming from health tested parents! No, thank you ma’am.

So today, I was on my computer searching again and I think I found a little girl that I think will fit our program. She’s four months old and already been thoroughly checked by the vet, had all her vaccinations, de-wormed and micro-chipped and reasonably priced!  The breeder was very thorough about going over details and important information with me. The father and sister and both currently being shown and the parents are a perfect size. So the little one has a vet appointment this Friday where she will be examined again (especially checking heart, patellas, bite, etc.). And if everything looks good, she will be heading out way next week!


Isn’t she a doll?!

Oh, and I almost forgot, she is merle factored, which means we could get some really unique colors from her someday. 🙂

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