Routine maintenance

Well, I don’t know if the dogs have been watching Hogan’s Heros reruns (I’m dating myself) 😉 or maybe they were peeking in the window the other night when we watched the old movie, “Escape From Alcatraz”.

But when I saw some colorful streaks run by the dining window, I knew we had some repair work to do on the dog yard. (We have two large fenced in play areas to keep the dogs safe from predators and also out of the horse pasture where they could get stepped on.)

I went to check the fence line (and put the dogs back). Yep, there it was.

006 007

Thankfully, my hubby had a day off last week. So he set to work, first cutting down a couple little pine trees that were in the way.

004 009

The ground was raked and leveled (somewhat). Then we rolled out the chain link and edged it right up to the existing fence line.


Then the time consuming part of attached the “ground” wire to the fence wire.


Almost done.


Lastly, we need to haul some dirt in to cover the wire so no toes or feet get hurt. That should hold the little rascals!

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