That’s what we like to hear or see.  Normal in this context means no abnormalities. And that’s a good thing when we’re talking about a dog’s health.

One thing we do to try and produce healthy puppies is to have health tests done on our adult dogs. One of the important tests is having the eyes checked for any abnormalities or things that would indicate a hereditary disease.

We are fortunate to have an eye specialist “near” us. “Near” being relative considering where we live. Google maps tells me it’s 2 1/2 hr. drive and 104 miles. Thankfully, it’s not  bad a drive, with some decent scenery.

I made the appointments about a month ago. Some dogs went in today and some will go in next month.

Today it was Reba, Ivy and Jules’ turn. Into their crates and into the truck they went and we headed down the road.


We arrived safely and checked in at the front desk. Then it was time to wait our turn. Thankfully, I have a three-dog sized lap.


Just chillaxin 😉




Finally it was our turn to go into an exam room where we waited for the doctor.


Each dog then took a turn on the exam table while the Dr. examined their eyes. Lastly, he filled out the forms for us to submit to OFA for certification.






Not sure what this was about. He never had my dogs hold something over one eye and read any of the lines 😛

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