I’m always on the lookout for puppy toys. Especially when I visit second hand/thrift type stores. Yesterday was no exception.

I stopped at my favorite one yesterday while I was in the “city”.

First, I looked through the normal toy section for small toys to introduce to young pups. And found a small bag of little trinkets.

Then I scoured through the toddler toys for when the pups are a bit older. Sweet! I found several. And most of these are only around $3 each!

These will be so fun! And get the pups use to things that move, rattle, roll and make different noises.

Lastly, I happened to be over in the section where the store displays larger items (like furniture and such) and spotted this large toy. Score! And only $4.99!

It has a swinging door and other “distractions” on it. I can’t wait to see what the puppies think of it.

But I’m jumping the gun a bit since it will be a while still before puppies (hopefully) arrive. But I’ll be ready!


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