Toy thief

I’ve found that raising multiple puppies together isn’t the easiest. Two is manageable if you’re committed and have time, but add a third or fourth and it’s pure craziness! 

Thankfully, with the coming of spring and nicer weather, the dogs and I are spending more time outdoors. But I still have inside things to tend to.

So I’ve decided the best thing to do is concentrate on one puppy at a time. Each day a different pup will be with me throughout the day so it can get individualized training and attention.  Granted, the others will still get time and attention too, but having four active, mischievous pups in the house together can be chaotic. I don’t get anything done because I spend all my time watching the “kids”!

So today, Treasure is hanging out with me. The others are exploring the puppy yard with Jules and Ivy.


After a potty break, she came in the house and I dug out some toys for her.

But apparently, we have a toy thief in the house!!



Seriously Reba, do you need all the toys?!

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