Dickens Busy Day

Dickens and I had a busy day yesterday. It was “Town Day”. When you live as far as I do from town, you try and limit the times you go into town. I usually go once a week or every other week if I can. So that means hitting all the places I need to while I’m there.

I can’t resist showing you part of our commute to town. 😀


After getting to town (forty-five minutes later), we stopped at the local feed store to pick up supplies. Dickens check out the cute chicks there. 😉


What?! They are “cute chicks”. He got to meet some really nice people too, and got treats!

Then we headed down the road for a vet appointment. (My vet is in another town, about twenty minutes past this one. Yep, we kind of live in the boonies). Dickens had an appointment to get his rabies vaccination and a microchip (finally!). While he was there, I had the vet check his ears, and yep, there was a bit of bacteria gunk hanging out. So we picked up some ear medicine too.

009 (2)

Haha…doesn’t he look “thrilled” to be there?

Next we headed farther down the road (another forty minutes or so) to visit my horse at the trainer’s.


I know, this isn’t a picture of Dickens. This is Dakota. Dakota is a little horse that a bunch of cool people helped me to save from slaughter. Did you know that thousands of horses are shipped from the US to Mexico and Canada every year to be slaughtered?!! Inhumanely transported and cruelly slaughter. These aren’t just old, sick animals (which in my opinion should be humanely euthanized, not sent to slaughter). These are horses of all ages and degrees of training. Dakota was only about three when I got her. Just a baby. 🙁

Ok, sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now. I get a bit distracted when it comes to stuff like this that tears at my heart.

So, Dickens got to meet some nice kids while we were here too.

On the way to our next (and almost last stop) we drove through some pretty gorgeous farmland.


And now, it’s finally time for dog class! Can you tell I’m a little bit excited? 🙂 Our local 4H instructor puts on a dog obedience class at the fairgrounds each April. I usually sign up one of my dogs each year. And this year was Dickens turn.


We just arrived and Dickens is checking out the scene. Usually the first night is pretty crazy. Dogs are excited and energetic, some barking, some lunging at other dogs, and some are young, silly puppies just wiggling all over the place.


The poor German Shepherd’s back legs were shaking, she was so nervous. Dickens was mister calm, cool and collected though. 🙂

030 (2)

Yes, we did get rained on a bit.


He was such a good boy! I can’t believe how good he did for his first class. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of class.

A busy day, with lots of new sights, sounds and smells and Dickens was a trooper!

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