A monthly visit 

Yesterday was our church’s monthly visit to a local nursing home where we sing with the residents there. Well, some of us just try to “make a joyful noise”. 😉 We’ve been going there since our youngest was about six. He’s turning twenty-one this year. 

Over the years I’ve taken different dogs, of course. It’s a good experience for the dogs and there’s usually always dog loving people there that enjoy seeing and petting the dogs.

Since Dickens is my “trainee” at the moment he got to go yesterday.

He was pretty relaxed on the ride there.


He wasn’t real sure about all the wheels everywhere.



Such a sweet boy.

For some reason, I couldn’t get Dickens to sing though.


Then it was time for another nap on the way home.


Such a strenuous day for a dog.  😉    

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