On the road again

Yesterday I loaded up some more of our adult dogs and took them into the eye specialist for eye exams. It was another long day. I had to stop at my regular vet for a couple things first, then down to Spokane to the other appointment, then turn around and get back to town for dog obedience class. They were all so good! Although a couple of them did get car sick. 🙁

They asked us to arrive for our appointment fifteen minutes early to put eye drops in each dogs’ eyes. Yep, just like at the human eye doctor. Then we hang out in the waiting room with all the other patients. Today there was a bulldog wearing a cone of shame, an adorable Cavalier puppy and a Shar Pei puppy that looked like a bag of skin! The puppies, of course were both so stinkin’ cute. 🙂


Next, we got ushered into the exam room to wait for the doctor. Since this office is associated with a teaching college, there were two senior veterinary students who came in ahead of time and asked if they could take a peek at the dogs eyes before the vet came in.


Waiting our turn. She looks like she’s winking at the camera.



On the road again, heading to class.

Now all of our adult dogs have had their eye exams. We found that Dickens had an old corneal scar that we didn’t even know about. Probably from scrapping with the other boys. And Jules has a couple teeny, very soft, extra eyelashes, but the doctor said he sees that all the time and it’s not an issue.

So now, all the dogs’ paperwork is heading out in the mail tomorrow to get OFA certification!

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