They’re coming!

I was gone yesterday from about noon until 9:30pm. (Don’t worry, I checked Reba before I left and the family was home with her).

I got a message from them later in the evening that she was acting strange. Lately, she’s been very clingy and affectionate, but she was sitting still, not coming when called and didn’t want to go outside to potty. But that was it; no nesting, whining, restlessness etc. I finished my errands and headed home to check on her.

After arriving home, I paused to take her temperature and see where we were at.


Yep, we were close. I was guessing “puppy party” tonight!

So I grabbed my fuzzy blanket (of course), pillows, headlamp and settled down on the couch with Reba in her paper-lined crate.

Needless to say, it was a restless night. A dog shredding newspaper and digging in a crate next to your head on and off all night is not a sure way to get rest. 😛

I was seriously surprised we made it to morning and no pups?!

The family all headed out the door around 7:30. Reba went outside for her morning potty break, came back in for a drink and promptly headed to my husband’s favorite, comfy chair; which was fine. But when she started to have the first few small contractions, it was time to go back in the crate.

Stay tuned for more news later. 🙂

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