Unexpected surprise

Well, as you all know Reba delivered her pups on Friday! And I’m sure you’re all anxiously waiting to hear the details.

So drum roll, please……….

We have two boys and one girl! The delivery went fairly normal and she is an excellent mother. The pups are quiet most of the time, which is good. They’re either sleeping or eating.

The unexpected news was; they are all dark! I seriously thought we would get some browns or reds between Reba and Dickens. But they’re beautiful, none the less.

The girl is a black and tan (or phantom in Poodle terms), the boys both have a base color of black with some white markings (mainly on the underside). I’ll get some individual pictures later when they’re a bit bigger.

But for now, here is Reba and her sweet babies cuddled together right after their birth.


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  1. Christina says:

    Whatcha going to name them??? 🙂

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