I think it’s safe to say

Yep, if I’m mistaken, then some girls are faking this pregnancy thing  really well. So I think it’s safe to share that two of our girls are getting a bit round in the tummy area.

Faith will be the first to delivery around  June 10th. She was bred to our cute little Eli. These will be his first puppies! Both of these parents are CERF eye clear, Faith is heart normal (per our vet) and both have had their patellas checked by the vet.


And about a week later will be Allie’s due date. She has been bred to Dickens. Both these two are CERF eye clear also, patellas and heart checked on Dickens and Allie’s patellas normal too.


So there you have it folks! I’m excited to see what these boys and girls are going to produce for us. I’m sure they’ll be nice pups and probably a variety of colors.

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