Graduation and CGC

Well, last night was the end of eight weeks of obedience class. So before class I groomed and bathed Dickens. Of course, he had to look his best for graduation.


The teacher gathered her students together and handed out certificates for completing the course (and treats for the dogs) πŸ™‚ Dickens and I got “Perfect Attendance”.


After graduation, the instructor offers an AKC Canine Good Citizenship Test to her class participants and anyone in the area that might be interested. Here is some information about the CGC for anyone that is not familiar with it.

Of course that was my main goal in taking the class; to get Dickens his CGC. So we signed up. We were the second participant, as the instructor wanted to use Dickens to test the first dog since he is so mellow.


Waiting our turn.


This section was called “Out for a walk”; showing he could do simple heeling with stops, turns, changes of speed, etc on a loose lease.


“Walking through a crowd” Not a problem here. πŸ™‚


“Sit or down; stay” Ya, I did leave him in a down and he was sitting when I got back. But he didn’t leave his spot and they passed him.


Recall or “Come when called”Β  Good boy, Dickens!


“Reaction to distraction” He didn’t seem to mind the carpet sweeper or the walker that went by either.

So, not only did Dickens complete his basic obedience course, but he passed his Canine Good Citizenship test too!



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