Momma gets spoiled too

I always try to give my momma dogs “extras” when they’re nursing babies. And recently, I came across some information from another breeder (who also has some awesome training/puppy raising info that we hope to implement) about a yummy pudding mixture she makes up for her nursing moms.

So I’ve been making this for Reba and she loves it! It’s high in calcium, fat, protein and all those good things she needs extra of right now.


Vanilla pudding, sugar, egg yolks and goat’s milk; that’s it! And I’m able to get fresh/frozen goat’s milk from a neighbor. Nice! 🙂


And since the recipe calls for egg yolks, I have left over whites that can’t go to waste. So I cook those up for her too.


No instant pudding here, this is the cooking kind. It takes a while to thicken.


Yep, she’s turned into a “Pudding Pig”. 😉

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