Early morning

Yesterday was a long day, starting early in the morning. In order to drive to Spokane and get Forrest, Bubba and Jenny to their respective new homes on time, I had to leave my house around 3:30am. *sigh

The puppies didn’t seem to mind at all when I woke them at three and took them out to potty. We left shorty after that with them loaded together in a crate. Somebody (who shall remain nameless 😉 ) complained for a few minutes, then they all went to sleep.

After the two plus hour drive we made it safely to the airport where they would be going different directions.

But first, we had to have breakfast! Nothing like a little al fresco dining in the back of the truck. 😉


There is plenty of room to stretch the legs and get the wiggles out too.

Then it was potty time. Another good reason to use the litter box. At this age, I sure wouldn’t want them down on the ground. Too many bad germs.

Each one cooperated efficiently! (And if you’re wondering; I did not put them in the box. The headed over and hopped in by themselves.)




Good puppies!

Then each one got dropped off where they needed to go to be united with their forever families.

Happy day!

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