Time to visit Dr. Jesse

Today’s the day! Time for our vet check up before we go to our forever families. Mom put us into a crate together for the drive there. We got to ride on a ferry boat and then over some winding roads. But none of us got carsick! (Oh, this is Forrest dictating so our people mom can type it out for you. I get to tell the story since I’m the biggest). My brother Bubba (his new family is going to call him BlackJack) complained for a few minutes then he decided to be quiet and we all took a nap.

We got to the vet and our mom checked us in and helped the lady fill out some paperwork since my brother and sister are flying to their new families. They have to get something called “health certificates”.

Then the nice lady took us into a little room and spread a nice clean towel on a table. Mom put our crate up there. Then she opened the door to get Jenny ( her new mom is going to call her Maxine) out and Bubba and I tried to come out too! But mom made us stay and told us our turn was coming. So we had to wait patiently. That’s hard for a puppy, but we tried really hard to be good.

Dr. Jesse looked my sister all over. She looked at her hair and her ears and her mouth and her whole body. She put something in her ears and looked waaay in there. And she put this hose with a flat disc-thingy against her chest. She said, “sounds good!”


Then Jenny got some love from the vet. I think they both liked it. 🙂


Next it was Bubba’s turn. Bubba is a wiggle worm, so Dr. Jesse and her helper had to tell him to hold still. He’s so silly sometimes….*sigh


But he got looked all over just like sister did. The doctor said he looked good too!


Finally, it was my turn. Oh my she touched me all over! But I was a good boy. Mom fed us treats the whole time too, so that made it really fun. 018

I was even good when they stuck that thing down my ear to look inside. My mom asked the vet if she could see all the way through? I’m not sure what she meant….

Oh, and the nice helper lady put each one of us on the scale to see how much we weigh. My mom was really surprised that Bubba and I were as big as we were! But we’re growing boys and we like to eat! My sister weighed 4 lbs and Bubba was 6 lbs. I was the biggest at 6.4 lbs! I will be bigger than my dog mom, Reba before long!

The helper lady wanted to take us all home with her. But my mom told her she couldn’t.

Mom put us back in the truck and we drove and drove until we got home. It was so good to get out and stretch our legs and have lunch.

Mom says she will give us a bath later today. Then we’ll be all ready to leave in the morning.

Happy day! 😀

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