This is not a good sign


Well, it is a good sign because it’s quite a deal. But it’s bad, because you know I’m going home with more toys (and less money). 😉

I stopped at this store to return a couple things that I didn’t end up needing. The cashier processed the return and gave me  my money back (about $40). Then I said to her, “Now I’m going to go check out your toys.” To which she replied, “Oh, all our toys are on sale; buy two get one free!” I mean, who could resist that?!

So between this store and two others I stopped at during my day, here’s what I came home with. (Oh, and the place where I got the $40 refund, I spent a bit more than that for the new toys.) 😛



I think I’ll have some happy dogs. At least it makes me happy to give them fun stuff. 😀

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