From ten to five in one day

Just when we were finishing up at the vet’s office today, my first puppy adopter arrived. She was driving in to meet me and follow me home.

Now, I have to tell you a little bit about this gal. She and her friend rented a van and drove all the way from Iowa! Yes, Iowa. As in the state in the midwest. Yep, the one that’s several states away from Washington and over 1600 miles one way! They deserves a medal of some sort, especially if they make it back home with their sanity intact. Because not only did they drive from Iowa to pick up a puppy, they drove from Iowa to pick up four puppies! Yes, I said four. That is not a typo. 😛

She adopted Emmie and Windsor and her mom and dad adopted Harper and Brinkley.

(I’m still wrapping my mind around that trip with four puppies in tow……)


I told her if she does a blog about their trip that I definitely want to read it 😉

And, how sweet is this, she brought a toy each for Faith and Allie because she felt bad about taking their puppies away.


Later in the afternoon she sent me this picture of the four babies sacked out in the van.


A while after the four musketeers left, the next family arrived to pick up little Teddy. They were so excited! And loved him instantly. They each had favorites that they had watched through our posts and pictures, so they wanted to meet the rest of the puppies too. We had a really nice visit. And their sweet daughter kept thanking me for “raising such a nice puppy for us”. So sweet 🙂


Seriously folks, this is one of my favorite parts of raising puppies. I love handing off that little bundle to a family/person that has been anxiously waiting for this day and are so excited! It doesn’t get much better than this. <3

And that folks, is how we went from ten to five in one day!

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  1. Joan Barbacovi-Goesch says:

    “not one but four puppies.’ x4 blessings, joy, laughter, love, and yes work. All worth the drive from Iowa to your home. Anxious to get updates on their journey back to Iowa and the progress of those adorable puppies.

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