A day of mixed emotions

I’ll apologize ahead of time for writing such a long post. But it’s been a long day. (I left this morning and caught the first ferry at 6:45. I returned home tonight via the last ferry; 9:45). It was a day of mixed emotions; of highs and lows.


I had the pleasure of delivering these three cuddly Cavapoo puppies to their forever families. The puppies had already had potty time, playtime and breakfast, so thankfully they were ready for a nap on the ride there.


If memory serves me right, it was the first ever pup for each family. There was much excitement and joy when the families and puppies were brought together.


The first family (Expresso’s; who might soon be named Fox or Fig ) drove over and met me in Spokane.


The second family (Mom, daughter and grandma) flew in a couple days earlier to explore Spokane, then met me at the airport to pick up Baxter, right before their flight home. (They made it a “girls only” trip and left the fellas home ) And they got to meet  Expresso’s family too!


And look at this beautiful plant they gave me as a “Thank you”. What a surprise!


And lastly, Ozzie’s mom flew in. I was able to meet her in the terminal right after she got off her flight. He looks like he’s daydreaming out the window.

So my morning was filled with delivering adorable puppies, precious new families met and friends made.

After the busy morning, I headed into town for some shopping. It was supposed to be a food/dog food shopping time. But I couldn’t pass up a few other dog items.


I found a pop-up canopy to give the dogs extra shade in the one yard. Now I can get rid of the ugly tarp I’m using.

Then I found these cute beds. Perfect for crates in the winter-time. With fleecy centers, a bit of cushion and machine washable; I couldn’t pass them up! And only $6.99 a piece. 🙂



How cute is that? With the little paw print on the edge!

I got to spend some time with two of my three sons. (so that was nice); while waiting for my  last stop before heading home; picking up my new Aussie pup from the airport. I know. Not a Cavapoo or anything that would “make” a Cavapoo (Cavalier or Poodle). It’s a long story I’ll have to share another time.

The puppy was supposed to arrive around 8-8:30. Around 7pm I got a call from the airlines. My puppy had missed a connection because of a crew change or something (I didn’t quite catch the details) and was stuck in Denver; for.the.night.  Not a happy mom here. Thankfully, there is a nice kennel at the airport where they put up dogs when things like this happen. And puppies are kept separate from the adults. But I’m still not happy about my eight week old puppy stuck for the night at any kennel! But there was nothing to do, except return to Spokane tomorrow to pick her up from her newly booked flight.

During the day, I had been checking for updates on the WA state fires. I learned that our whole county was on Level 1 evacuation status. That just means to be aware of the current fire conditions. We are on the very eastern side of the county and there are no fires in our immediate area, but several large ones west and north of us. Besides the ones in other counties.  Several towns have been evacuated in our county already.

And then to hear the horrible, tragic news that three brave firefighters lost their lives today (and several others are hurt) battling the fires in the north of part of our county.

It truly has been a day of mixed emotions.

Our thoughts and prayers are with their families in this time of great loss.

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