The Puppy Room

As those of you know who’ve been to my home, we do not have a large house. And since I like to birth and raise my puppies in the home, that can sometimes be a challenge! Especially when the pups start moving around more (about 3ish weeks of age) and need to be moved from the big whelping crate to a puppy playpen. And then when we have two or three girls (who happen to cycle together) and have their litters close to the same time, it’s even crazier! At that point I’m scrambling to make room between the living room and dining area (the only reasonable areas) moving furniture and trying to find room for puppy playpens! *sigh

Let me change the subject a second, but don’t worry it’s all part of the story.

This year has been a stressful, busy, somewhat disruptive year for our family. This summer (along with the litters we had), our two oldest sons graduated from college, the first born got married in July, then in August got a job and moved to another state with his wife. (It’s almost more then a poor mom can handle.) šŸ˜›

These two guys had moved a couple years ago about two hours away, for school. But would come home once a quarter to visit, and on holidays of course. So their rooms at home were still as they left them.

#1 son and #3 son had our two main upstairs bedrooms. #2 son had a “bonus” room (not really a bedroom since there’s no closet) upstairs over our garage. Which, by the way, was also the “workout” room with all the weight equipment, treadmill, etc.

So, when #1 got married and moved out, #2 took his room upstairs (with a little hinting from mom) šŸ˜‰ which left the workout room with plenty of space for………a puppy room!

Yes! Sad to see my kids move out, but happy for new possibilities for puppies and myself. hehe

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There’s lots to do, but hopefully we’ll have it all organized before our next litter arrives.

We’re planning on some type of easily washable flooring ie; linoleum ,etc. (right now there are just area rugs over sub floor).

When #2 son moves out permanently (he’s interviewed for several jobs and waiting to hear back) then some of the extra furniture will be going.

The weight equipment will stay on the one side and across from that (the place with the half wall and armoire in the picture on the right) I plan on making a little office space, so I can finally get all the dog supplies and files out of my bedroom!

The back half of the room (the left picture) will be the puppy area. Behind the dresser and blue recliner (which will leave with my son) is a twin bed. Yeah, no more sleeping on the couch when I need to be near mom!

The rest of the area is plenty big for puppy playpens and exercise and Iris pens as they get older and need more room. And of course, they will be joining us downstairs for playtime and socialization.

The room is accessed through my laundry room (right off the kitchen) so it’s handy. And at the bottom of the stairs is an outside door which will make it easy to take moms out to potty.

Oh, man, I just thought of something….I should totally have one of my talented artist cousins come do doggie murals on the walls for me šŸ˜‰

We’ll keep you posted on the progression of the new puppy room!

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