Designer attire

I have lots of leashes and collars around here. I usually pick up cheap little ones at the dollar store.

But since I have these two adorable girls here, I decided to splurge and get some nice “designer attire” for them to wear.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of the company *Lupine. Really?! Well, if you haven’t, you have to check them out! (No, I am not a company rep).  😉

They have a variety of collars, harnesses and leashes in a wide array of sizes, colors and patterns. And get this; this are guaranteed even if your dog chews them up!!


And they’re made in the good ol’ USA!


I was excited when my box finally arrived! 🙂


I choose the pretty purple pattern for Roxy. I thought it would looking striking with her black coat.


I love the peacock feather pattern, so picked that one for Oakley.

And of course, I got the leashes to match!

I would highly recommend them to you. A quality product and a fair price. 🙂

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