Taking turns

When I make short jaunts from home (the local post office, the ferry, etc) I like to take one of the puppies with me so they can get use to riding in the truck. Roxy went the other day, so yesterday it was Oakley’s turn. My guys were all heading off for a backpacking trip and meeting some friends across the river to ride with them. So they loaded all their gear and themselves in the truck and I drove them to the ferry.


Riding across the river.


Checking things out on the boat. (She must be teething. That left ear can’t make up it’s mind what to do.) 😛


Dropped the guys off and coming back across the river. So I decided to give her a break and let her run around in the back of the truck.


She was a bit wiggly at first, but then finally settled down.




Totally relaxed now. I think she’ll become a good little car traveler.

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