Getting older

Moriah is our oldest canine resident. And kind of special to me (we’ve spent years and many miles together). Since it was time for her Rabies vaccination, I made an appointment with our veterinarian for a thorough check-up also.

So after I got the guys off on their trip yesterday, I got a few more things done, then headed back to the ferry.


I can get quite a few Cavaliers and Poodles in the back seat, but only one Moriah. 😉


Waiting our turn after weighing in. She could lose a few pounds (but so could I!)


“Mom, you know I’d rather not be here.”

Dr Jessie did a really good exam on her. She has a small lump (feels like a fatty tumor) on her flank that we’re going to keep an eye on. Everything else checked out really well. The doctor just suggested some joint supplements since she is getting older and slowing down some.

Then we headed off to the other town where we do our shopping. We stopped at our favorite farm supply store.


And Moriah got a healthy snack. I don’t think she even savored the flavor though. It went down way to quick!

Trying to keep this girl healthy so she sticks around many more years. <3

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