Roxy’s big day

Roxy got to go on a big adventure this past Sunday. As some of you know Roxy is one of our puppies who is currently in our Premium Progressive Puppy Program. In a nutshell, she is staying with us until around 16 weeks of age to continue her vaccinations, potty training, crate training, etc.

My husband was finally at a point where he could conquer some of my “Honey-Do Dog list” projects for me. So off to town we went! And Roxy came too. šŸ™‚

We first stopped at our nearest “big” town (two stop lights and two roundabouts-hehe) to hit our local farm/feed store, North 40.


Roxy loved going to the cashier! She didn’t mind when Roxy hopped out of the cart and ran across the counter when the cookie jar came out.


Yum, cookies! *crunch, crunch*

Then we headed on down the road to the “city”; about an hour and a half farther drive.


“Ziggy’s yeah, Ziggy’s” ….our first stop of home improvement stores.

Then the next store…..Home Depot.


She rode around in that cart or my arms for quite a while as we shopped and searched for what we needed. And she was really good…..until she tried to take a flying leap out of the cart! Thankfully, I had my eye on the little stinker and caught her in mid-air flight!

The day continued with various short stops; I would run in and grab what I needed and Roxy would hang out in the truck with my hubby.

She was such a trooper! It was a long day of driving, but she handled well. She had her toys, food and water in her crate. And when she needed to potty, I would let her into the truck bed with her litter box. (She isn’t fully vaccinated, so I didn’t want to potty her in a public place.)

Such is the life of a Premium Progressive Puppy!

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