Doggie boo-boo

Dogs are like kids; they get boo-boos sometimes.

Saturday I was sitting out in the yard in my little plastic chair. The dogs love this of course, and everybody tries to jump in my lap for some love. It was chaos! I had so many trying at one time to jump up. My lap and the chair don’t handle more than a couple dogs at a time. So I was using my arm to block or sweep them off as they came up while holding one that was already planted on my lap. And unfortunately when Ivy went off my lap she must have landed wrong. I didn’t see in the confusion, but heard her yelp. 🙁

I picked her up to comfort her because she was crying and fussing and holding a hind leg up. Poor girl. I felt bad. (It’s that left hind that she’s holding out at an angle.)


Well, here it was Saturday afternoon. The vet is closed and it wasn’t something major that warranted an emergency vet visit. I did what my (vet assistant/dog owner) training had taught me over the years; keep her quiet and watch.

Thankfully, I have a great vet who corresponds with me via email if I have questions and such. And since I know (from past experience) how crazy busy Monday’s can be at the vet office, I emailed her to give her a head’s up about Ivy. She wrote me back and gave me a time to bring her in.

So Monday morning we were off to the vet!


Waiting our turn. She was not happy. In fact, her nervousness might have hindered the exam a bit. Doctor looked her over good; feeling, squeezing, and manipulating her leg. She really didn’t give an indication of what really hurt. So we decided on crate rest and some pain/anti-inflammatory pills for a week and see what happens.


Cushy crate with an antler to chew on while she rests. Thankfully, she is a pretty quiet, low key dog to begin with.

Yesterday, I was looking her over again trying to figure out what hurts because she’s still complaining when she sits or moves a certain way. I noticed that her foot is slightly swollen and when I gave it a little squeeze she cried out.

I gave the vet an update and told her I made another appointment for next week. We will continue keeping her quiet. If she by chance injured something in her foot, it would probably mean crate rest anyways.

Doggie boo boos are no fun. 🙁

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