Health records

When our pups are born, I weigh them every day (sometimes twice a day if they’re small) until around two weeks of age.

When they reach the three, four and five week mark they are weighed again and given their first doses of de-wormer.

So about the time they turn three weeks and getting ready for that first dose, I make up a health record for each pup.


This is where I record their de-wormer doses, vaccinations given, exam from our veterinarian, and stool sample check.


For now, we’ve just started the de-wormer schedule.


Each one is filled out individually with their name (penciled in at this point), birth date, breed, color and I make a note of the pup’s parents’ names.

Each puppy’s health record will go home with them and their new owner.

But for now they go in a binder where each mom has her own file for her current litter.


And that messy piece of paper in the back is the one I make notes on as the pups are being born; date, time of birth, gender, color/markings and anything I might write down during the birth process.

Just a glimpse of the paperwork part of puppy rearing. 😀



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