Stud muffin

I know, it’s sounds a bit sexist. And you’re expecting me to post a picture of some good looking guy, right?  Wrong. But I’ll be happy to post a picture of this little cutie patootie!


My beautiful, new, red male Poodle puppy aka a “Stud Muffin”.

I don’t even have him home yet. He’s not quite old enough to leave his mom and litter mates, but hopefully in a week or so. I put a deposit on his litter of six when he was a wee mite. Last week, I was able to go to the breeder’s house and see the litter in person. I was actually trying to decide between two of his sisters, but he was the one I initially wanted. So after choosing one of the girls and leaving, my husband and I are started discussing them and decided, this was the puppy I “needed”. 😉

You can’t tell from this picture very well, but he is a deep, dark red. And his personality is very outgoing, friendly and playful. I can’t wait to get him home! <3

And someday, hopefully, he will be our newest little stud muffin producing some beautiful, red Cavapoos!


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  1. jamachiaj says:

    Oh, he is just a yummy little gingerbread thang!

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