Yesterday was a moving day; moving my house around to fit not one, but two puppy play pens in it. (If you’ve been here before, you’d know what a challenge that could be).  😉

It was time to move Reba and her pups to the play pen out of their big, cozy crate. They are starting to crawl around and if the door was open, someone usually ending up crawling out onto the floor!

I also took the Ugodog from Jules’ pups and put in the puppy pen for Reba’s babies. Cowboy and Wrangler have moved up to the bigger box with the wood pellets. The box has sides which keeps things contained, although sawdust (when the pellets get wet they disintegrate to sawdust), does get onto the bed sometimes. But overall, this box is easier for me to keep clean.


Here are the boys checking out their new box. (You can see I have a portion of the side cut down for easy access.)


And here are Reba’s boys all settled into their puppy pen with the Ugodog.

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