My kitchen is the puppy play room. I drag in all kinds of toys (large and small) of various shapes, sizes and “noises”. But I obviously can’t have the puppies in there all the time underfoot. So when I’m not able to keep an eye on them, they hang out in their puppy pen.

Yesterday, I did some remodeling so their play pen area is bigger. I connected a few panels of the Iris pen to the puppy pen and gave them a yard.


Of course I had to lower the floor in the puppy pen so the pups could get back in. Their short little legs weren’t quite agile enough to let them jump back in at this age.


You can see where the floor grate is now. Before it was hooked up above the door panel; too high for the boys to navigate.



Now they have more room to run and play in a safe spot and they’re not under my feet! 🙂


And the door is low enough for them to get in and out on their own. Wrangler is heading back in to use the litter box.


Good boy!

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