Revamped Waiting List

Most of you asked me what number you were on our waiting list when you sent your deposit in.

Well, since we’ve had three people on our current list matched up with three of our boys, that will change some of your numbers and places on the list.

So the revamped list is as follows:

  1. Emmarose
  2. Jenny
  3. Dana & Jordan
  4. Ariell
  5. Ina
  6. Nancy & Marty
  7. Jamachia
  8. Christine
  9. Amy
  10. Laurie
  11. Laura
  12. Roxana
  13. Patty & Brian
  14.     ”          “
  15. Kim
  16. (waiting on deposit)
  17. (waiting on deposit)
  18. (waiting on deposit)

I hope everyone is happy with their “new & improved” number. 😉

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2 Responses to Revamped Waiting List

  1. jamachiaj says:

    Yippee! *starts singing The Jefferson’s theme song* “…I’m movin’ on up….”


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