A different perspective

Winter is definitely in full swing here. It seems the past few winters we haven’t received much in the way of snow. But thankfully this winter, that is not the case. It is beautiful and we surely need the moisture.

Snow does make things more of a challenge when you have animals, notably dogs. They don’t get to spend as much time outdoors. If the snow is wet, they get wet. Poop scooping duty is a bit burdensome. (*Fact: Poop is warm. Therefore when it hits snow, the snow melts and the poop sinks into a crevice. And if you happen to miss a day, it will freeze in that little fissure and you will have to chip it out.) Leave a water bucket outside in the yard and it will either freeze or fill with snow. Walking and carrying large bags of dog food is a bit tricky. In fact, just walking can be precarious! Driving to town on snowy, slushy roads for supplies or vet appointments can be a bit hairy. (Excuse the pun 😛 )

Let’s take a little glance around the yard.



Toy structures (and chairs) become snow forts!


My fence looks kind of pretty, specially in the morning light.


The dog “house”. 🙂


Our house. 🙂

Thankfully winter solstice is passed and we’re on the back side of winter and heading towards spring! Aren’t we? 😉


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  1. jamachiaj says:

    Winter work on the frontier, gal. I’m so glad we’re on the other side of the Winter Solstice and that each day we see a little more sunlight! I can hardly tell yet, but nature can – everyone from birds to trees have sensed the change and shifted from their restorative to reproductive stage.

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