Puppy stimulation

The puppy’s first twelve weeks are critical for the puppies’ socialization and training. So we try to introduce them to new and interesting things while they are here. And you can continue to do this when you get your puppy home.


The tunnel is a wonderful toy/tool! It’s made with a couple different materials, it makes noise and moves when they go through. They love this!



This is the cheapest, best little tool; a garbage can lid! Lots of breeders buy or make what’s called a “wobble board”. It teaches the pups to walk on uneven, unsteady surfaces. This works great with the same idea. And it didn’t cost me a dime!



My son’s old skateboard works along the same lines. It gets the puppies okay with unsteady and moving objects. They don’t have any problem riding this as it moves.



There are things to explore and climb into, like this old laundry basket,


….and this box that I cut a couple openings in.


I try to introduce them to different surfaces too. Like this tarp which makes a lot of noise when they play on it.


And this crinkly paper bag. Okay, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. They had too much fun shredding it. 😛



I’ve picked up several children’s toys at second hand stores for the pups too. I like to find things that move (they actually will grab the string on the truck and pull it) or make noise (I have several that I interchange).




And then there are the “regular” toys; plastic squeaky chickens, rope tugs, soft toys and yes, even empty juice bottles with kibble inside.


And then there are the more technical toys and puzzles that get those little problem-solving brains working. This is a great little one where treats are hidden under the yellow plastic cups. The puppies will use their paws, noses, and mouth to try and get the lid off for the treat. Sometimes I will turn the cup sideways so they don’t get too frustrated with trying to get it off and help them out a bit while they’re this young.

Anyways, this is just part of what we do here at Pinewood to raise fun, well-adjusted Cavapoo puppies!

Now, I’ve got a mess to clean up 😉




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