Fergal’s big day

Well, sister left today and Fergal is the last remaining puppy from our winter litters. He made quite a fuss when he got left by himself while I bathed and dried Poppy and got her things ready to go this morning. But he finally settled down. Then it was time to start school!

For those who don’t know, Fergal is enrolled in our Progressive Puppy Program. Here’s a link with more information (http://pinewoodcavapoos.com/cavapoos/progressive-pups/), but basically it’s for puppies that stay a bit longer with us to further their training.

I’ve already been working with Fergal on some beginner clicker training (but that’s for another blog). Today he got a collar and leash attached and we headed out into the vast unexplored (by him) property out the front door. So far he has only been playing and exploring the large fenced in back yard.


He walked right up to check out the chickens.


Tried to make friends with our goats, Clover and Violet. “Please, don’t you want to be friends?”


We explored the garden and chewed on some dead plants. I should make that “he” chewed on some dead plants. šŸ˜›


We met the cats. Thankfully, we have two very tolerant cats (and one old one that we leave alone).


He even went right up to the gate to check out the horses! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture at the initial greeting.


He met Moriah and Ben up close and personal.


“Hi, Ben!” šŸ˜€

After our outdoor adventure we headed indoors for a short clicker training session. Then it was nap time!

I don’t think Fergal will miss his sister too long. He has lots of friends here and will be busy with school too.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Fergal! šŸ˜€


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