Fergal goes to town

Last Thursday was “town day” for me. And since Fergal is here to be socialized and trained, I thought it was time for him to accompany me.

The first twelve weeks are prime time for a puppy’s socialization, but since they are not completely vaccinated and “safe” until around sixteen weeks a person must also use caution when taking the puppy out into the world.

But before we headed to town we stopped at our Aunt’s house to visit a couple of young friends that were passing through town.

I love how Fergal matches Courtney’s beautiful red hair. <3

Then off to town we went to visit an old friend. I thought Fergal might help cheer him up. He and his wife were a part of our church for years and she recently passed away after almost 67 years of marriage!


This has got to be one of the most tender-hearted men in the world.

Fergal got to ride on the walker for a while as we walked the hallways. And boy, did he get smothered with attention by a bunch of the staff while we were there.

We went to my “mobile office” while we were in town also. (Ok, so I don’t really have a satellite office, it’s just a mini mart with fairly decent and free Wifi). Fergal was a really good boy just napping in his crate for quite a while. Then he came out to hang out on the console next to me.

Of course, we had to visit my favorite farm and feed store to stock up on food for the ancient horse at home.


Good boy Ferg! Stay in there!


And since it’s that time of year, we got to see the baby chicks. 😀 What do you think, Ferg?


Like I mentioned, Fergal is not completely vaccinated so we had potty breaks in the back of the truck and I carried him or let him ride in the carts instead of putting him on the ground; too many germs around for that.

I made a couple other stops while he slept in his crate in the truck. Thankfully, the weather this time of year makes that possible.

It was a long day for him, but he did really well! Way to go Fergal. 🙂



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