Hussy, tramp, floozy aka Reba

The hussy just came in season. Some of you know who I’m talking about because I’ve mentioned her promiscuity (if dogs can be considered promiscuous) before.  😉

A normal female dog is in season for approximately three weeks, a couple times a year. But they don’t usually flirt with and stand for a male until around day ten. And the boys usually know when they are at the proper time to breed.

But little miss floozy was just outside flirting with Ben! *insert eye roll* Yea, Ben, the hundred pound neutered male Pyrenees Newfoundland mix. And she just came in season!


The next three weeks will keep me on high alert with this little tramp around because I don’t want her bred! Oh, yeah, and she’s the fence climber. *sigh*

(And yes, those are Christmas lights still in the garden 😛 )



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