I woke up early this morning to the sound of rain; lots of rain! It sounded like buckets being poured from the sky. I sat up in bed and peeked out the window. Yep, it looked like it had rained hard all night. I’m thankful for the rain, but it does make life with animals a bit more challenging.

I got up and started letting the house crew outside to potty. Thankfully, the backyard has enough grass that it wasn’t too muddy.

The other dog yards were a different story. With puddles everywhere and rain continuing to fall, I decided to let the dog our of their crates and just put them in the dog runs in the dog house. I’m so grateful for this house! I have big litter boxes in each run, plus shavings all over the floor. So letting them potty there was fine and saved them from getting sloppy wet.


The horse pasture was another story…….   🙁  It took a little more effort to find high and dry places to throw the hay on.


Thankfully by late morning, our sunshine returned and the thirsty ground had soaked up a lot of the water. So the dogs got to spend most of the day outside enjoying themselves afterall. 😀

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