More Adventures with Fergal

Once a month a group from our church drive to a rest home in town and sing with the residents there. We’ve been going now for about seventeen years. And over the years, I’ve taken many dogs to socialize and help cheer the dog-loving residents. Yesterday was Fergal’s turn.

I usually recommend having your dog in a crate or some type of restraint when traveling. But yesterday we were crammed in my husband’s little car and that really wasn’t an option. So it gave Ferg an opportunity to ride free and see how he handled that. He did great!


He looked around for a bit and then slept for a bit. No fussing, and no carsickness…yeah!


Once we arrived Fergal met three ladies sitting together that just oohed and aahed over him. And he reciprocated with puppy kisses. Plus there were young ones visiting that loved on him too.



We did a bit of exploring too.




And sat quietly in the back of the room during the singing.


Then he zonked out in my lap. Zzzzzzzz………


The singing ended, we said our good-byes and headed outside to stretch our legs and let Ferg have a potty break. There’s a nice patch of grass in a secluded corner that is hopefully not well traveled by other dogs, where we headed for his duties. Then we headed across town to visit our friend, Kenny again.


And when mom forgets the dog’s water dish, we make due with a leftover cup from Taco Time. 😉


Kenny’s retirement center is out in the country. It’s such a peaceful setting.


Several of us went and had a nice two hour visit with our friend.


And Fergal slept.


And slept.


And slept. He was such a good boy. <3

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