I receive a gift each time I meet and match up a Pinewood puppy with a family. That gift is the gift of friendship. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; I’ve met some of the nicest people through these precious pups! Some I never hear from again after they get their puppy, some I hear from occasionally and some quite frequently. Each instance is fine. I know we all have different lives and priorities,and schedules. I am grateful for each one over the years that has given one (or two!) of our puppies a wonderful home.

Today was no exception. Fergal, our Progressive Puppy went to his forever family. They drove over from Vancouver Island, BC yesterday and stayed the night in a local BNB. (I seriously didn’t know we had a BNB that close to us!) They arrived early and we spent some time together going over Fergal’s routine, habits, and such. He’s going to have a wonderful life with them.


But before they headed down the road, I was presented with another, unexpected gift. A gift basket filled with goodies from beautiful Vancouver Island! What a treat!


It was so pretty, I didn’t want to open it! Don’t you just love that magnet?! 😀


But I finally did. I wanted to see what was inside! 😉


That adorable magnet of course. <3


Ooo…some fancy tea!


Canadian Sea Salt… unique!


Yum…peach tea!


Some interesting crackers; rosemary and raisin. I confess, I already opened the packet and tried some. They have lots of seeds in them too, which I love. 🙂


A nice packet of soup ingredients.


Yum, good ol’ Canadian Maple Syrup!


This looks interesting…my son was already eye-balling it. 😉


Another beautiful package of herbal tea.


And of course, who doesn’t like gourmet chocolate? 😀


All stuffed inside this cute basket! Hmmm….I think I can envision some cute Cavapoo puppy pictures in here. 😉

Thank you so much Ina and Brett for the totally unexpected, but very special gift basket! And for the gift of a wonderful home for our Fergal. <3



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