Reba is in jail

Most of the dogs that are in the house right now eat puppy food; Oakley, Clancy, and Rosie. Treasure is in too because she is starting school tonight. She isn’t on puppy food at this age, but it won’t hurt her since she’s still young and active. So it’s easiest just to leave a big bowl and let them nibble throughout the day. I mainly do that for Rosie’s benefit because when you’re pregnant, nibbling on small amounts throughout the day is much more comfortable than having one big meal.  

But Reba, well, Reba doesn’t need puppy food at this stage of the game. And Reba thinks she “owns” the food bowl! She will sit and guard the bowl, growling and snapping at any youngster that comes close to “her” bowl. And of course the rest of the pack are young and submissive to her Highness. 😉 

And then she thinks she should sit and gorge herself so no one else can have any food. I don’t think so Reba. 

In the jail you go!

The dogs actually like sleeping in the crates so it’s not really “jail”. But it does give the other dogs a chance to have some lunch. 😉

*munch, munch, munch

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