Pregnancy updates

For those of you waiting and wondering, I thought I’d give you an update on the “girls” around here. Spring is a busy time as the girls are coming in season again. I’m still waiting on three more then we will be finished with that business for a while. (Thankfully!) It can get a bit chaotic with the frustrated boys around here sometimes. Obviously, not all the girls will or have been bred.

I’ve already mentioned our sweet Rosie who will be delivering our first Cavapoo litter of 2016. She is coming along nicely with her pregnancy; getting rounder and slowing down some. It’s about time for me to give her a bath, shave her tummy and start monitoring her temperature. She is due in the next week or so!

As you might recall, she was bred to our sweet Sundae. I am super excited because this will be the first litter for both mom and dad. I can’t wait to see what they produce together.


Next was Lucy’s turn. I bred her to Noah hoping for some beautiful tris and black and whites. I know some of you are anxiously waiting for those stunning colors too. But, unfortunately it doesn’t look like Lucy is pregnant. 🙁  That’s the “gamble” of raising dogs. We’re dealing with living, breathing creatures and they don’t always follow our “plan”. And it’s not unusual to have a bit more difficulty with the girls that have never been bred before.


My beautiful red head, Jules was next in line. She also was bred to the “parti-man”, Sundae. And it looks like she is pregnant also! Thankfully, she and Rosie will have their litters a few weeks apart!


Since Lucy didn’t get pregnant and I know some of you are wanting  pups with black (hoping for some tris or black and white, but not sure what we’ll get with these two), I decided to go ahead and breed Faith again. She just had the one pup last time and has bounced back beautifully from that “litter”. (She’s a total chunk!) She also was bred to Sundae. Yes, his been a busy boy. But I don’t think he minds. 😉 Anyways, Faith was just bred so we won’t know for a while yet, if things clicked!

Stay tuned for updates on the girls. 🙂

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