Dogs will be dogs…

Reba got a bath the other day. She was due for a routine one, but this bath was an absolute necessity!

Sometimes we get the impression that Poodles are the royalty of the dog world; especially when we see the pictures of the ones that have been extravagantly groomed. But in reality, Poodles are working dogs and Reba is a farm dog for sure!

I had been sitting out on our front porch visiting with my sister-in-law. Reba was out front wandering around with Ben and Moriah. I saw her stop on the grass and roll around. At the moment I was absorbed in conversation and didn’t really think about what she was doing. Well, for reference purposes, if you ever see your dog rolling around in one spot for longer than a few seconds and they’re rubbing their face and neck across the ground, writhing their body through the grass; beware!

A few minutes later, I called her to me. I stroked her hair briefly when suddenly an atrocious smell permeated my nostrils. It was horrific! Reba wasn’t just enjoying the warm spring grass, she had found something the wild turkeys had “deposited” in our yard and had gleefully contorted her body through the mess.  I can’t begin to describe the putrid smell that wafted off this “precious” Poodle’s body.

I picked her up, carefully holding her away from my person and went directly to the laundry sink; where she was subjected to a through shampooing!


She almost looks mad. Probably because she had just picked up that new “perfume” and wanted to wear it longer. 😛

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