Full House

I’m excited! All of our kids will all be home this weekend.  After homeschooling all three and having them nearby for so many years, it was hard to see the oldest get a job and move several states away. We haven’t seen him since last August. That might not be a big deal to some people, but it’s the longest our family has ever been apart. And the longest our two oldest (who are twins) have ever been separated. The oldest got married right before he moved, and his brother has a girlfriend, so there will actually be seven adults in our little house this weekend!

But here’s the crazy part! Right now in the house we have Queen of Sheba Reba,


Of course there’s Rosie (playing peek-a-boo) and her little dumplings,


Then there’s the “kids” Oakley and Clancy,



And lastly we have mother-to-be, Jules,


Add to that, the married son and daughter-in-law are bringing their dog, Scruffles (aka Aramis) a Cavapoo from a litter we had last summer.


And finally, his brother’s girlfriend will be bringing this bundle of energy, her year old boxer!


This is going to be interesting! 😛


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