Puppy Waiting List Information

Wow! We are in awe and humbled as to how many people are wanting to adopt a puppy from us!

Our list is almost up to thirty people/families anxiously waiting for a puppy! I don’t have a problem with that, but it might be a quandary for some people. Especially those towards the bottom of the list and the new ones being added frequently. There is a definitely a wait period.

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll reiterate it here; we are not a puppy “factory”. Our dogs are loved and taken care of and we only have a certain number of moms. Sometimes those moms have a small litter, sometimes they have a big litter. Sometimes those moms need a break.  Sometimes we match a mom and dad up for a certain future litter, and for whatever reason they don’t “cooperate” like we plan. There is no absolutes when it comes to raising dogs. They are living creatures and we can’t predict what will happen.

The first question most people ask when they are inquiring about getting on our waiting list is; “How long will I have to wait for a puppy?” That is a totally valid and pertinent question. I would be asking the same thing if I were in their shoes.

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer. I can only give you an estimate, which may or may not be accurate. In some cases it could be sooner and in some cases in might be longer.

Like I’ve probably said to each one of you inquiring; there are just so many variables it’s impossible to give a definite “date” for you to be matched with your puppy.

Let me give you some examples;

  • We match up a male and female and they just don’t get “things” done;) Yep, believe it or not, that happens.
  • A male and female are bred and for whatever reason she doesn’t get pregnant.
  • A female that is taking a vacation from motherhood. (Remember we only have so many girls).
  • A young dog that we may have purchased for our program who grows up and doesn’t work for our breeding program for whatever issues (size, health issues, etc.) That makes one less mom we were hoping to incorporate into our program.
  • A male and female that can’t seem to get things done, so we might use A.I. (artificial insemination; yes like they do with cows…sorry for the details) which usually results in less puppies/smaller litter size.
  • A mom that has a litter for whatever reason, loses a puppy after birth. Yes, unfortunately that does happen.
  • A female that cycles fairly regularly (most come into season every six months), so you estimate in your head when the next time she will be having a litter, and she doesn’t come into heat until two months after you figured. 😛
  • A male and female that we match up thinking we’re going to get a certain color/colors and we get something we didn’t expect. (Most people are pretty specific with their color request).
  • A whole litter of boys, when the majority of people waiting want girls or visa versa.

Anyways, those are just some of the “variables” that might influence the time frame in which you might be matched with a puppy.

We also have a variety of people (obviously) mixed into the equation which can make things interesting. Some people have their heart set on a certain color and gender. Some people want a certain color but are open to both genders or they want a certain gender but are open to a variety of colors. Some people “think” they have their minds made up about what they want, but they they fall in love with something totally different. <3 Some people want a get their puppy at a certain time of the year (because of work, vacation or school schedules). Sometimes when it’s someone’s turn on the list to get matched, life has thrown something in the way and they have to skip their turn and decide to wait for a puppy until a later date.

All these scenarios are totally fine, but you can see where it makes things difficult to predict when a person might be matched with a puppy.

So I guess this is just a notice to let those towards the bottom of the list (and soon to be added) know that you might be waiting a while. It could even be next year before you get a puppy.

But we’re pretty confident that we think your wait will be totally worth it (however long it takes)! 😀

Thanks for putting your trust in us. <3



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  1. saiken50@gmail.com says:

    I was number 16. Where am I on the list now. 🙂

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