Eye see you!

Back in March I posted about some of our young adults going to the eye specialist for testing. https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/2016/03/08/testing-testing/

This is just a routine thing we do with all the adult dogs to make sure they have no signs of hereditary eye diseases.

Well, the last two youngsters (Sundae and Lucy) had their appointment a few weeks ago.


Our little fence climber actually has all four feet on the ground as  he waits his turn. 😉 hehe


Lucy preferred waiting on my lap.


We got moved into an exam room.


Just waiting for the doctor to come in then the pups will be up on that table.


And after the doctor is all done with the exams, he fills out the CERF/OFA forms. And this is what we like to see!   “NORMAL”  😀


We head for home. And I gather all the forms from all the dogs that recently went in for testing. These forms are then mailed off to OFA (an organization that keeps track of purebred dog health tests) where they will be processed and we will received official certifications for each dog. (I waited to send them all together, because I’ll get a bit of a discount with five or more applications being submitted at the same time.)

Then in about a month we receive these; the official OFA certifications that says our dogs have been tested and are free from any hereditary eye diseases! Yeah!


And they sent me this cool sticker too!


Bonus 😀






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