Testing, testing..

We have several dogs that we are growing up for our Cavapoo program. Some are “home grown” and some we acquired from other breeders. And it was time for a few of them to head to the veterinary ophthalmologist to have eye exams done. We do this to have the doctor check for any hereditary eye diseases.

We are fortunate to be within driving distance of a very good clinic. But since it’s a good clinic, I have to call way in advance for appointments. One was scheduled for last week and the next one a month after, for a couple more dogs.


We made it! Treasure is such a wiggly worm, the easiest way to keep her calm was to put her on her back and rub her belly. Hey, whatever works!

Next, we were moved to an exam room. I’m still scratching my head about that eye chart? “Okay Flower, I want you to hold this patch over your right eye and bark out line three for me.” 😉


Rosie was a good girl.


And Flower was a good girl. And Treasure, well, let’s just say Treasure was a bit more challenging. She’s so “in-your-face” friendly it was hard for her to contain her excitement of being that close to two new “friends”. 😀

It was a good day. All the girls checked out clear, normal, no problems!


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