The matching game

So just a little update. Most of you saw my post that our first puppy of the year has been matched! Little Alan (red collar), the dark blenheim male from our Rosie and Sundae litter has been matched with his new mom.


I have been working my way down our waiting list. We’ve had a couple people recently drop off our list (they were in the middle and down to the end of the list), some people haven’t responded to my email or call (and I can only wait so long ). My policy is to only wait 48 hours for a response then move on down the list. (Unless, we have made a previous arrangement because I know you’re traveling or something). Some people have skipped because they are waiting for different colors than what we have available at this time, or they’re waiting for a certain litter or a different time of the year.

So stayed tuned and watch your email for a possibly message from me. You might check your spam folder too in case my message gets dumped there (just in case).

Thanks for your patience!


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4 Responses to The matching game

  1. Kim says:

    Hi there…I am just double checking….which email will come through from you? I want to be on the lookout and I know we are close but I have not seen anything in my emails ( spam or current folder). Thank you!

  2. Shirley Aiken says:

    Good evening, I’ve followed all your post on Facebook and I started out at number 16 on your list. I see you have had some drop off plus a lot of puppies have been received. Can you give me an update on where I am on the list. Much appreciated. Thank you, Shirley Aiken

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    • Hi Shirley,
      There has only been one person above you that dropped off the list. So it looks like you’re #15. 🙂 I will update the list and numbers as soon as we get these current litters matched. Thank you!

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